By Johannes Ernst


  • 2022-11-01

    California water prices have quadrupled

    Why should other countries have all the fun with exploding prices for base resources, like heating in the UK, or all kinds of energy across Europe?

    Nasdaq has an index for open-market wholesale prices for water in the US West, mostly California. Currently, it is in the order of a $1000 per acre-foot, while the non-drought price seems to be about $250.



    Links: current prices, explanation.

  • 2020-01-08

    How would you fix the climate? MIT has a simulator.

    Is outlawing plastic straws enough to fix the climate? Probably not.

    What about turning all cars electric? Investing in nuclear? A global hard stop on burning coal? That might be better, but is it good enough?

    Everybody has ideas, and because almost none of us, myself included, really understand spaceship earth, we do not and cannot know just what impact our amateur proposals would actually have in the real world.

    Fortunately, MIT created a simulator where you and me can try out various policy proposals, such as some that I just mentioned.

    It’s sobering, and I’ll leave it at that. Try yourself.

    Go to the simulator.