Selling German lessons to the German

So Facebook tracks us, and knows all these things about us? Well, much of it is wrong. In recent days, it has been pushing this ad on me, arguing I really need to learn the German language and culture. #SellingIceToTheEskimos

Virtue in the times of COVID-19

Italian Giuseppe Berardelli, 72, refuses respirator for the benefit of a stranger who is younger. Dies shortly thereafter. I stand in awe. The fact that he was a priest should not be relevant.

Link to article.

Pandemic response needs volunteers

Not surprisingly, the Chinese government couldn’t address the crisis by itself either. All authorities are outmatched by a big-enough calamity like this one. So the Chinese recruited volunteers. What are we doing in the West?

25% more internet traffic

Sonic says that’s how much their traffic is up since shelter-in-place orders. Sorry, no link: customer e-mail.

48% in one day

If something exponential grows 48% in one day – as infections did in the US since yesterday – it seems the moon is too close for comfort as a refuge.