Collecting visions for the world after COVID-19

Johannes Ernst


What will the world look like when we finally unlock our doors and emerge into the sunshine, after COVID-19 has passed? Regardless how long it will take, and how many fellow travelers we will have lost, eventually the pandemic will end and the survivors need to get back to their lives.

Back to their previous lives? I kinda doubt it. The longer the pandemic and shelter-in-place last, the more we will change our habits. And the more we’ll question our previous habits. As many have pointed out, this is actually a great opportunity, in particular because all the other catastrophes won’t have gone away, starting with the climate.

I have no crystal ball. But it is time to start thinking about this, and so I’m starting this new section on my blog to collect opinions on possible post-COVID-19 futures that I am coming across, starting with this one from Politico:

None of them are particularly surprising. But worthwhile reading anyway.