Union Square Ventures Has Started Working On The Climate Crisis

By Johannes Ernst


Union Square Ventures announced in a blog post (below) this morning that they are now making investments to “fight the climate crisis” (“and earn returns for our limited partners”).


But it gets better. They have published their entire research slide deck on the subject that they have used internally to make their case to themselves. It talks about the major themes, trends, numbers and opportunities that they see! So as an entrepreneur in the space, you know exactly what they are thinking – good, bad, ugly, warts and all.

Of course, you will look at the deck and nod in some places and think they missed the point completely in others. Which is the point! Everybody learns – as an entrepeneur, from these very smart people who have already done some work for you (I know from first-hand experience). And they will learn from you when you pitch to them and disagree with them, and nobody wastes much time on reiterating what all agree on already. I’m also fully expecting that they will update their slides as they learn, and acknowledge major influences on their thinking as they go, such as in their blogs.

I wish more people practiced this. On the climate and on any other subject. Not just in VC.