Silicon Valley is closing up shop

By Johannes Ernst


As of midnight tonight, the residents of all counties in the 8-million people San Francisco Bay Area, including all of Silicon Valley, have been ordered to stay at home. What a little virus can do.

No meetups. No restaurants. No venture capital pitches. No trade shows. No business meetings. No shopping at the mall. No going to work.

Who can, will work on-line. So far, the interwebs are still up – although I experienced the first choppiness in the video feed during this very announcement today.

This shelter-in-place order is for 3 weeks. Which is laughably impossibly short, because just the incubation period for the virus might be that long! We’ll be holed up with cabin fever for much, much longer.

And when we finally re-emerge, the world will be drastically different, I think. How – I don’t know; visibility is very bad. But very different for sure.

Hang in there. See you in cyberspace, which is a corona-free zone :-)