MyData Stakeholder Segmentation (Draft)

For the purposes of our ongoing discussions in the MyData Silicon Valley Hub about a potential North America conference later this year, here is my attempt at segmenting the stakeholders.

Prime mover Follower Neutral Adversary
Product & Services
Channel & Distribution


  • Prime movers: innovators, inventors, people and organizations that proactively push the vision forward and do things the first time they have ever been done, not waiting for others.
  • Followers: people and organizations who are willing to do things consistent with the vision but only after others have pioneered the way first.
  • Neutral: people and organizations who don’t care about about the vision.
  • Adversaries: people and organizations whose vision is fundamentally different and whose agenda is opposed to ours.


  • Product & Services: creators of apps, platforms, integration products, support and the like.
  • Channel & Distribution: systems integrators, value-added resellers, app stores, retail etc.
  • Catalysts: press, analysts, event organizers, activists, MyData Global itself, governments / regulators, investors.
  • Customers: buyers and users of products and services (consumers, enterprises, governments).

What do you think?