Presenting at MyData 2020

Johannes Ernst


The annual MyData conference is starting in just a few hours. Thanks to COVID, I don’t have to get on an airplane to Helsinki!! They instead use QiQoChat, a conference wrapper around Zoom. See you there? (You can still get tickets.)

I’ll be speeaking in the following sessions:

  • COVID Apps – Is Privacy Possible? With Julian Ranger, exec. chairman of digi.me in the UK, and myself. We’re planning to do a presentation each, and then open discussion.

    Thursday, Dec. 10, 2:45pm pacific (22:45 UTC).

  • Demo Lounge #3. I’ll be demonstrating UBOSbox, our home server product, that lets you take your personal data home from other people’s clouds on easy-to-administer hardware you control.

    Thursday, Dec. 10, 4:30pm pacific (Friday 0:30 UTC).

  • MyData Governance Interoperability Landscape. I’ll be moderating this international panel with panelists Matthias De Bievre (France), Nat Sakimura (Japan), Joni Brennon (Canada), Harshvardahn Pandit (Ireland), Paul Knowles (Switzerland), Antti “Jogi” Poikola (Finland) and Mark Lizar (Canada).

    Friday, Dec. 11, 2:45pm pacific (22:45 UTC).

This is going to be fun! And a great kickoff for 2021, which I think will become Year 1 of the user-controlled personal data revolution.