A list of (supposed) web3 benefits

Johannes Ernst


I’ve been collecting a list of the supposed benefits of web3, to understand how the term is used these days. Might as well post what I found:

  • better, fairer internet
  • wrest back power from a small number of centralized institutions
  • participate on a level playing field
  • control what data a platform receives
  • all data (incl. identities) is self-sovereign and secure
  • high-quality information flows
  • creators benefit
  • reduced inefficiencies
  • fewer intermediaries
  • transparency
  • personalization
  • better marketing
  • capture value from virtual items
  • no censorship (content, finance etc)
  • democratized content creation
  • crypto-verified information correctness
  • privacy
  • decentralization
  • composability
  • collaboration
  • human-centered
  • permissionless

Some of this is clearly aspirational, perhaps on the other side of likely. Also not exactly what I would say if asked. But nevertheless an interesting list.